yet undiscovered vintage shop just outside of Amsterdam

Vintage Brands 2

Monnickendam is a beautiful authentic village a little north of Amsterdam. It is known by tourists because of it’s beauty and it’s harbour. Recently nice shops have opened their doors, making a visit even more worthwhile.

In a former outbuilding of a primary school in Monnickendam you can find a great vintage store. Currently, sustainable business is trendy. This also fits the new shop: Vintage Brands owned by Babette Schellekens. It comes to women’s fashion brands in the higher segment; Humanoid, Repeat, Hale Bob, Moncler, Marccain, Burberry, Marlene Birger, Day, Diesel and even Gucci. And you also can go there for nice shoes, bags and scarves.

Vintage Brands
Noordeinde 22
Monnickendam (North of Amsterdam)
Opening hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 12.00-18.00 hours
Saturday 10.00-17.00 hours

Christmas shopping just outside of Amsterdam

White Romance
Monickendam is a beatiful authentic village a little north of Amsterdam. It is known by tourists because of it’s beauty and it’s harbour. Recently nice shops are opening, selling brocante, vintage clothing and more, making a visit even more worthwhile.

On December 7th another new shop opened her doors: White Romance, for those who like romantic stuff, this is a beautiful shop with flea market things, beautiful crockery, candles and pretty dresses. Besides the used stuff they also sell new things like nice cards, forgings, small gadgets, romantically tinged tea towels of brand Claire & Eve, scarves and ponchos. All this in a romantic atmosphere with lots of white and powder shades.
Interested in a romantic party? They do organize high teas for maximum 12 people or parties for little princesses.

White Romance
Noordeinde 48
Monnickendam (North of Amsterdam)
Open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10.00-18.00 hours

Amsterdam canals were build in less than 100 years

This beautiful animation from Stadsarchief Amsterdam shows how the canals of Amsterdam were build in just about 90 years.
They were not just some random 90 years though, it was the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. During the Dutch Golden Age the Netherlands were world leaders in trade, art, military and science. With Amsterdam being one of the main cities in the Netherlands , the city was rich and powerfull enough to acomplish a project like the canals in such a short time.

tailor made guide through Amsterdam

Image: Deli Amsterdam

Image: Deli Amsterdam


Deli Amsterdam is a new website that produces a tailor made guide trough Amsterdam, based on personal preferences. Just answer a few simple questions and your guide pops up.
I tried it a few times; the guide may not be as tailored as you expected, but it surely comes up with some great places to visit, including brand new hot spots.
Try it!

famous Amsterdam bench goes missing and gets replaced

fault-in-our-stars-05The movie The fault in our stars is insanely popular with teenagers at the moment. It’s about a romance between two young people suffering from cancer. In the movie they take a very romantic trip to Amsterdam and inspired by that, many young people now come to Amsterdam to visit the spots shown in the film. One of the most popular spots is the bench where the two have a special moment and kiss.

A few days ago that bench went missing. Nobody knew what happened, it should have been in its place according to the local authorities, but is wasn’t. It is possible that the bench is taken by some hard-core fans, nobody knows. Luckily it has been replaced yesterday. Just a few minutes later the first fans were noted on the bench, enjoying the view Hazel and Augustus did and – of course – taking many selfies.

blown away by the enchanting performance ‘Blaas’ in Amsterdam

blaas_0Yesterday I saw one of the best performances I have seen in a long time: Blaas. Blaas (in English: blow) was an international festival hit, winning many awards and now it is on show in Amsterdam.

It is hard to explain what Blaas is, everybody will have his own associations and emotions watching Blaas, or should I say: experiencing Blaas. And that’s what makes Blaas special, it’s different, it’s a fairy tail, a trip into yourself and into an unknown world.

I will not say more about the performance, it’s best when you get surprised by it. But I do strongly advice to go and see Blaas. It is scheduled one more week, until Sunday June 20st. And there still are tickets available!

Tickets: € 18,50 – € 22,-