great canal district walking tour, for a rainy day.

Geelvinck Museum

This is the ideal way to spend a rainy morning or afternoon. Instead of hiding for the rain in shops or a museum, just take out your umbrella to experience the special feel and atmosphere of old Amsterdam. In this tour you can actually visit museums, canal houses and a house boat. The walk is only 2 km in total, and in between the museums it is only about 500 meters (Detours to coffee houses and cafĂ©’s not included).

Smart Map. Start:

A. Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Herengracht 605,

B. Geelvinck van Hinlopen Huis, Keizersgracht 633,

C. Museum Van Loon, Keizersgracht 672,

D. The Canal House, Herengracht 386,

E. The Houseboat museum, Prinsengracht 296.

You can of course start at any spot in the tour and don’t need to visit them al, just choose what you like.

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