sunny terraces by the water in Amsterdam

view from Zouthaven

Finally the sun is shining and immediately the terraces in Amsterdam are crowded. To help you find a nice sunny spot, here’s a list of my favourite terraces which are, as an extra, located by the water:

IJ-kantine, you can easily spent a whole day here, enjoying the marvelous view on the Amsterdam IJ (the central Amsterdam lake). Just take the ferry behind the Central Station.  Ondinaweg 15-17, 020-6337162

Zouthaven, formerly known as Star Ferry, great view on the IJ river from the east side this time, so lots of evening sun.
Piet Heinkade 1, 020-7882090

Gent aan de Schinkel, nice big terrace.
Theophile de Bockstraat 1, 020-3882851

Café van Zuijlen, on a canal bridge, from breakfast to late night drinks, a good place to be.
Torensteeg 4-8, 020-6391055

Het Terras van De l’Europe, It’s new and it’s chique. Only for lunch and diner, after reservation.
Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14, 020-5311777

Paerz, Nice place to be, alongside the old warehouses, with exotic animal sounds coming from the zoo.
Entrepotdok 64, 020-6232206

Hannekes Boom, different, alternative café restaurant on a magnificent location.
Dijksgracht 4, 020-4199820

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