Queens Day in Amsterdam

You can’t miss it, on Queens Day April 30, in Amsterdam everything is different. It’s a unique mixture of a carnival, festival, street party and free market all in one. On top of that most people are dressed in orange, everybody takes part, from babies to very old people and the whole happening lasts more than 24 hours. (It starts the night before: Queens night.)

Some tips:

  • If you need to travel to or in Amsterdam, use public transport and make sure to check the website (and be prepared for delays).
  • An alternative for the busy city centre go to the Vondelpark where the kids sell their toys and other stuff they don’t want any more. Or go to the Bredeweg in the eastern part of Amsterdam; also crowded but with a very sympathetic atmosphere
  • And the obvious one: to enjoy Queens Day you must not hate crowds.

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