want to meet up with people in Amsterdam?

Part of the fun of travelling is meeting people, both locals and other travellers. It is not always easy though to find people that have the same interests as you have and connecting with them. Tripl can help: on this social platform you can place a short announcement and read those of other travellers and locals. The announcements consist of the city involved, the concerning dates, special interests and whatever else the author wants to put in.
Might be a hit!

One thought on “want to meet up with people in Amsterdam?

  1. My 32 year old daughter and I are taking our first European vacation together this September. She’s a woman now and I don’t have to be the parent setting a good example. Looking forward to smoking some dope , having some cocktails and getting to know each other. We will start off in Amsterdam, then off to Brugge, and end up in Brussels.
    I would be great to meet up with anyone there or hear any suggestions!

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