how long will it last?

Photo by: Alphons Nieuwenhuis

Last night the artist Arturo Di Modica placed a statue of a bull at the Beursplein (stock exchange) in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam district council wants the bull removed immediately, because no permit was issued.

Arturo Di Modica┬ádid the same thing a few years ago in New York, where he placed the ‘charging bull’ near the stock exchange. In New York the bull is still in place and it’s a real tourist attraction.

Arturo Di Modica chose for a bull because it fights with the head held low, throwing its victim into the air. That movement he associates with the Stock Exchange.
He placed the bull in Amsterdam at this moment, because of the financial crisis: ‘we need a positive attitude, to face the problems’.

Question is: how long will the bull stay at the Beursplein?

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