a soap opera: Rijksmuseum’s bike drive through

Amsterdam’s renowned Rijksmuseum will reopen somewhere in 2013, we hope. After more than 10 years of renovating, negotiating, shortage of funding and other problems the Grand Opening of Amsterdam’s most famous museum is near. There is one major issue left: it’s famous bike drive through. This being a famous short cut for Amsterdam’s notorious heavy bike traffic, it was used as a short cut since the opening of the Museum in 1885. In the new plans it would be closed for bikes and mopeds: too dangerous for the visitors. Local authorities protested, plans were altered, consequently it would open. A few trials and hearings later it would definitely be closed for bikes, making it possible to use it for art events. Recently the debate has been restarted and this time the outcome was in favour of the bikes. But who knows what will happen next?

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