some good news for pot loving tourists on the ‘wietpas’

Since the beginning of this week Holland has a new government, ergo a new contract for the coming 4 years. In it we’ve found some good news on the ‘cannabis card’, aka ‘the wietpas‘.  The former conservative government had a plan to install the wietpas for domestic citizens: it allowed them to buy and smoke a joint in the coffee shops, whereas foreigners were expelled from buying pot in the same shops. Local Amsterdam authorities were opposing this monstrious idea, knowing that smoking pot draws massive amounts of tourists. The good news arrived with the new government’s contract: they will not introduce a wietpas (but the ruling states that buying pot should be restricted for residents only). The most important difference is that Amsterdam gets more authority to deal with our local situation. Which is good news for our pot loving tourists: the city council doesn’t aim for an ID check at the door. Not for domestic citizens, nor for foreign tourists.

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