smart parking in Amsterdam

Photo: Arnoud de Jong

First of all a little piece of advice: don’t go into Amsterdam by car unless you have to.
It’s crowded, parking spaces are hard to find and its very expensive.
The expensive part is where Park Shark comes in. It’s a new location based app that helps you choose where to park your car, based on the parking rates. All you need to do is fill out your destination and time, date and duration of the visit. Then Park Shark gives you 3 options:
– The parking rates in the exact area where you want to go
– A cheaper option in an area or parking nearby, with lower rates
– The cheapest or free option, usually (much) further away

I think this free app can safe you time and money. Now it’s still up to you to find that parking space.

Another parking solution is using one of the seven Park & Ride locations in Amsterdam.

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