top 3 must-do-in-2013 restaurants in Amsterdam

Photo: Smulweb

Culinary website Iens has published their yearly Iens Toppers 2013. It’s a list with the 20 best restaurants in the Netherlands at this moment, according to the reviewers of the website. Therefore these restaurants should be on your must-visit-list for 2013, says Iens.

Among the top 20 are 3 Amsterdam-based restaurants. They are a must-do for sure, but only if you do like very chic restaurants with a classic atmosphere. And you must be willing to invest a considerable amount of money and make reservations on time. If you do so, it will be definitely worth it. These 3 restaurants are really top quality.

Number one on the list is Le Restaurant. It’s a small restaurant, by far the smallest of the 3. I had diner once in this restaurant and it was one of the best restaurant experiences I ever had. The food, the service and the ambience, it’s all excellent.

Second is La Rive, based in Amsterdam’s famous Amstel Hotel. Here you can have diner in a very chic ambience, with a wonderful view on the Amstel river.

Ciel Bleu is third in Amsterdam’s top 3. It is based in the Okura Hotel, on the top floor. And that is what makes having diner over there extra special. The food is great of course, but the view is breath taking.

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