biking in winter

Bikers in Vondelpark Amsterdam

It seems everybody does it in Amsterdam: biking. And why not? It’s fast, cheap and healthy. There are some minor disadvantages though, especially in winter. In the dark months of the year biking can be a cold and wet experience. Still the hard core bikers will continue biking, no matter what ice storm is taking place.

Tourists are more and more using bikes too. They like the experience of moving about the city like a local. And it’s nice. But it is important to keep it safe: don’t think you can bike with your mobile phone in one hand and an umbrella in the other, because we do so. It is risky, even for us and we were born on a bike. When it’s freezing or snowing, don’t go biking. Roads will be slippery and the bridges and tram-rails will be a real pitfall.

Whenever you are in Amsterdam in summer, you should try a bike-trip. Maybe not start in the centre of the city, because traffic is quite crowded over there. Use one of the many bike routes available, they’ll show you nice and safe places to go.

You might need bike-lamps in the evening; they are now for sale in fast food vending machines.

And if you think you’ll forget where you parked your bike, you can use this app.

Have fun biking!

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