Diane Arbus in FOAM

Imagen 338

A mere 21 days is left, but it is very worthwhile anyway. So do hurry and visit Diane Arbus‘ photo exposition in FOAM. It’s very impressive, but certainly not funny or upbeat. Her pictures of very unconventional people in black and white, shot at the beginning of the sixties, are sometimes gloomy, but will leave an everlasting impression upon you. This is one of FOAM’s best ever, which calls it “contemporary anthropology portraits”

Diane Arbus photo’s can be seen untill January 13, 2013 at FOAM on Keizersgracht 609. Minding the crowds? If you visit FOAM on a Sunday around 5 PM, you’ll have the complete exposition for yourself, until 6 PM.

2 thoughts on “Diane Arbus in FOAM

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  2. I would have loved to see this exposition of Diane Arbus, unfortunatly, I’m too late :'(
    If you hear about another one in 2015, I’ll be glade to know about it 🙂

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