fascinating painted ode to Amsterdam


Painting: Aemstelredamme by Chris Berens

Recently I found out about the series of paintings Chris Berens made as an ode to Amsterdam. The paintings are mysterious, painted in both a historic and fantasy style. To me they look like mythical scenes, pictures of great historical happenings and disasters from Amsterdam history (but actually they never happened).

Chris Berens has a specific technique. People often think he uses Photoshop, which he doesn’t. He paints with ink on transparent material and ‘glues’ small parts in several layers on a panel, which gives the depth and the blurry effect in the paintings.
Chris Berens style is being compared with the ancient Dutch Masters and it’s said he is being called the new Jeroen Bosch by Debbie Harry (Blondie).

If you want more after seeing the pictures on the website you can visit:
Jaski Art Gallery, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 29, Amsterdam.
They have a view works of Chris Berens on show at the moment.

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