Duikelman among the worlds’ best cookware shops


Duikelman Amsterdam

Duikelman got rated third(!!) on Foodrepublics‘ world list of best stores for home and professional cooks. Of course, I would say. Duikelman is great fun, even for non-foodies. They sell everything you could wish for in your kitchen, no matter if it’s a small or professional one. From pots and pans, to kitchen machines, stoves, designer linens, ceramics, etc.
When you explore the aisles of the store, you’ll surely discover cooking gear that you never knew existed. And after discovering them you can’t do without them any longer, so you have to buy them. They are real souvenirs and presents to take home!

Visiting Duikelman is great in combination with a visit to the Albert Cuypmarkt, just around the corner. It’s the largest and most interesting market in Amsterdam, with a bonus for foodies: lots of interesting shops behind the stalls with exotic food from all over the world.

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