a Dutch treat


Usually a Dutch treat is not what you want. This English saying means: when you get a Dutch treat, you end up paying for yourself, while you were sure you were invited.

I don’t think the Dutch specialise in Dutch treats nowadays, but we do have some strange habits like: eating food from the wall.

As you can see in the picture, I’m talking about a vending machine. It’s usually outside of a snack bar, on the street. The machine is filled with a variety of fried food, like kroketten, frikadellen and meatballs, which are kept warm in it.

Just put the coins in the slot, open the little door of your choice and pick up your hot or fried snack. Fast Food can’t get it any faster, does it?
The vending machines are very popular at night, with people who need a snack after having a few drinks.

You should try it, for example at FEBO, and at the same time you getting a chance to taste a real Dutch kroket or frikadel. Who said the Dutch don’t have special food traditions?

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