so much to do – and only 24 hours…

24HThere will be an explosion of activities this weekend in Amsterdam, because of the Amsterdam 24H festival.
It’s the second edition of Amsterdam 24H and this time it’s hosted in the eastern district of Amsterdam. This is an authentic and very vibrant neighbourhood and it’s really worth exploring thoroughly. Now with these countless activities organized and doors opening that are normally closed, this is the moment – or the weekend – to check out this part of Amsterdam.

Just a small selection of the activities:
A mini street art festival
A vintage market
Many sports and running activities
Concerts and theatre plays
A canoe trip by starlight
Several parties, a.o. on the famous Jaap Eden ice rink, in theatre Carre and the one in Trouw stops only at 7.00 a.m.
A horror tour
Breakfasts at many places
A food film festival
Tours at many places you normally don’t get to come

Please notice that for some of the activities you need to register by email!

This edition of Amsterdam 24H takes place
in the eastern part of Amsterdam
on March 23 and 24, 2013

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