know anyone who lived in Amsterdam from 1920 to 1960?


actor Louis Gimberg as a villan in a play from Biro

If you have friends or family who lived in Amsterdam from 1920 untill 1960, you might recognize him or her in the vast picture base of This is Dutch for “save a portrait”: the site holds a recovered base of over 40K glass plate negatives. These are all portraits of people pictured by famous Amsterdam photographer Merkelbach, but their names are largely unknown. His studio was in the city center and anyone who could afford it went there to get a family picture. He pictured also many Amsterdam celebrities. Unfortunately the site is in Dutch, but if you had family living here, back then, you could search, for instance by name. Don’t know anyone? Then the site is fun to visit anyhow, because the pictures show how people dressed and looked like.

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