4 day food festival: Rollende Keukens

14.06.08_rollende_keukens_6969This Amsterdam food festival Rollende Keukens (mobile kitchens) is very popular. The number of participants expanded from 30 to 300 in 6 years and the number of visitors likewise. And for a reason! It’s an outdoor happening, in fact it’s a huge pick-nick, but with the advantage that you don’t have to bring your own food. Whatever you like, you can get it, from finger food to exquisite luxury food and everything in between, for a reasonable price so you can try several dishes. Most important is of course the fact that all food will be cooked in all sort of kitchens on wheels. It’s an exhibition in itself, these mobile kitchens and food trucks.
Music and other entertainment is programmed all day and movies (about food) at night.

Entrance: free
Location: Westergasterrein Amsterdam
Dates: 9 through 12 may 2013,13.00 to 23.00 hours

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