wetlands safari – this is how Amsterdam looked ages ago


It’s right outside of Amsterdam. The bus takes you in 20 minutes to the wetlands; but it’s like going back in a time machine.

This is how Amsterdam looked ages ago. Over here, water is dominating the landscape. The ground is just slightly higher than the water level. Lots of ditches, canals and of course bridges to cross them. In fact, most houses and farms are standing on their own separate island, surrounded by lots of water. Transport here was (and still is) easiest over water.

That’s why the tour through the wetlands is by canoe or silent motorboat. You will visit the reed lands and quake moors (is this land or water or what!?) And you will enjoy the view over the authentic Dutch landscape, like many famous Dutch painters did, while encountering many, many water and singing birds.

The canoe trip takes about 5 hours, the silent motorboat trip too, both include a pick nick. The trips start right at the Amsterdam Central Station, where the guide will pick you up.

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