deserted island dinner – near Amsterdam




Vuurtoreneiland (lighthouse island) is an uninhabited island near Amsterdam.
At this moment it’s a nature reserve and until recent only once a month a small number of people was allowed to visit.
This summer though a temporary restaurant has been built and it is possible to have a tour around the isle and fort, in combination with a 4 course diner, four days a week. Two renowned Amsterdam restaurants take care of the diner, with local and biological products.

The restaurant is build in the style of a greenhouse, with walls made of glass. This guarantees a spectacular view on the isle and its surroundings: the IJsselmeer (the large surrounding lake), Durgerdam (a small village along the dyke lining the lake) and IJburg (an artificial island build in the IJsselmeer as a new residential part of Amsterdam).
A ferry takes you from Amsterdam to the island. Before dinner you can take part in a tour, learning all about the island and its history. After that of course: dinner – with that spectacular view.

Vuurtoreneiland is on the Unesco World Heritage List.
Originally it was a fortification, built between 1809 and 1883 on a small island as part of the defence line surrounding Amsterdam (of which the islandĀ Pampus is a part as well). Later it became known because of its lighthouse.

Dinner and tour: from July till the end of September
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons
Sunday is the child friendly day, dinner is 3 courses instead of 4
Only by on line reservation
Don’t be late! The ferry can’t wait

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