Amsterdam’s newest camping – great for camping haters as well


One of the mobile art objects that you can sleep in at the Urban Campsite Amsterdam

Not a tent in sight at the Urban Campsite Amsterdam. What you see is a collection of mobile art objects that in no way reminds of the traditional camping gear. You’ll find floating homes, tree houses, beds in a closet, a caravan that brings its own garden and much more; all of them designed to actually sleep in. The campsite will be completed with a foldable sauna, a story telling caravan and regular camp fires. Encounters with the designers of the homes and other artist are part of the plan as well.
The Urban Campsite is a unique camping and exhibition in one; it’s meant for people to sleep, but also for people to get in touch with art, with neighbours, visiting tourists, designers, etc.

From August 11 to September 30, 2013
The Urban Campsite is in the northern part of Amsterdam and is easy to get to
Entrance: free
To sleep book at the website

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