floating dinner on Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht canal

Diner der componisten (photo from 2012)

Diner der componisten (photo from 2012)

If you like to have dinner at unique locations, the Diner der Componisten (Dinner of composers) is the place to go to this summer in Amsterdam. It’s located on the water of the Keizersgracht, one of the most famous canals of Amsterdam. Two 80 metres long tables will be placed on pontoons at the water of the canal. A three course dinner will be served and while enjoying the delicious food, music that’s been composed specially for the occasion will be performed. The dinner guests will be invited to participate in some of the music making.
Imagine the view, the sound, the taste. It will be a feast for the senses.

August 17 – 24, 2013, start: 18.30
Tickets: € 62,-
Reservations at the website
The Diner der Componisten programme is part of Grachtenfestival 2013.

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