exclusive hotel in a former shipyard crane

Crane 13 is the last crane that’s left on the former NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. It’s not in use anymore, but soon it will be though in a very different way. It will be an exclusive hotel, with 3 suites at 50 meters height and a jacuzzi on top. The suites will be constructed with mostly glass walls, which guarantees a great view. Because the crane will slowly turn in the wind, like it always did when not in use, the effect will be extra special.

At this moment the monumental crane has been deconstructed and taken away to be renovated and getting the suites build in. About November 2013 the crane will be replaced at the NDSM area and the hotel will open it’s doors and you will be able to stay (awake) in the shipyard crane. The first weeks are already fully booked.


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