Ricardo’s in Odeon, a new authentic restaurant


Tomorrow the new restaurant Ricardo’s will open in Amsterdam. It will combine a very authentic chef with a very authentic location.

Chef Ricardo got his first Michelin star at the age of 21. Since then he has cooked at many top restaurants and developed his taste and cooking style to an even higher level. In Ricardo’s he will cook according to this personal style: rough and pure. The restaurant will not have a menu, the dishes are created during the day, inspired on the best fresh ingredients that are available at that very moment. Guests can have just a main course or choose to enjoy an all-nighter and have a 7-course menu (or anything in between, of course). Just dropping by for a glass of high quality wine or one of the beers brewed especially for Ricardo’s is a nice way to check out the new venue too. With the danger that you will end up staying all night, but there are worse things that could happen to you…

The very centrally located building, has been a hot spot for ages in Amsterdam. Most famous was the gay bar in the 1970’s where people like David Bowie, Freddy Mercurie, Jean Paul Gaultier and many other celebrities visited regularly. Long before that, from 1600 on, the building has been used as a brewery, a canal house, a theatre and a jazz club.

Yesterday I got the chance to enjoy a try out dinner at Ricardo’s. The dishes were very original and delicious. Ricardo takes the pure Dutch ingredients and changes these into creative tasteful dishes, making combinations I had never tried before; fennel with vinegar, onions cooked in five different ways, and the best pork I’ve ever had!
The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated, combining the arches that form the foundation of the building with a modern city feel; great atmosphere!

Ricardo’s in Odeon
Singel 460
1017 AW Amsterdam
Open: Wednesday – Sunday
Reservations: +31 20 – 521 8559 or online

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