the 100 most beautifull Rembrandts in one museum

Rembrandt etching from: Teylers Museum

Rembrandt etching from: Teylers Museum

Rembrandt’s 100 best etchings and drawings are on display now in Teylers Museum in Haarlem. What’s special about this exhibition is that it was curated through crowd sourcing: on the museum’s website anyone could choose his favourite Rembrandt from the 326 etchings (almost all Rembrandt’s etchings) and 12 drawings that Teylers Museum owns. The result is a unique exhibition showing the favourite 100 Rembrandts.

The Teylers museum itself is very special too. It’s the first and oldest museum in the Netherlands, build in 1784. The museum still has the feel of the 18th century, exhibiting the newest machines for scientific experiments (of that time), newly excavated fossils, art and much more. All exhibited in the original historical display cases and shown by just daylight.

The exhibition and the museum are definitely worth a visit. The trip from Amsterdam to Haarlem takes just 15 minutes by train and from the train station it’s a 10 minutes walk to Teylers Museum through the historical city centre of Haarlem. After your visit to the museum (now that you are already there) you should take a walk along the canals and historical streets of Haarlem, that include a great shopping area and many nice cafĂ©’s and restaurants as well.

Until January 19, 2014
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