Amsterdam: the worlds most liberal city?

The worlds most liberal city – or the birthplace of the modern world – Russel Shorto, the author of Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City thinks that Amsterdam might be both.
Quote: His book weaves together the lives of Amsterdammers past and present, from Rembrandt to Anne Frank to Theo van Gogh, and teases apart the many meanings of “liberal.” Why did Amsterdam fashion the world’s first stock market? Why was it not only a hotbed of 1960s countercultural activity but also, after the Reformation, a hotbed of similar countercultural activity in the early 1500s? What is left of its liberal heritage today?

To get answers to these questions you could have visited Russel Shorto’s lecture at the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam, but unfortunately it’s sold out.

Just another reason to read the book and (most important) to visit Amsterdam; to find out for yourself how liberal Amsterdam really is and how you like that.

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