one thing you need in Amsterdam these days

senz embrella

Yes, we do get some rain sometimes in Amsterdam this time of year. But who cares?  With the right gear it’s fun to walk in the rain.
The right gear is of course a Senz umbrella.  It’s a Dutch Design and the umbrella is winner of almost all major design awards in the world. Its aerodynamic design makes sure the Senz° umbrella can resist winds up to 60 miles an hour without breaking or inverting.
That will keep you dry – and happy.
Naturally you hope that you don’t need an umbrella at all during your trip to Amsterdam. In that case you have a great souvenir to bring home, something that you can really use.
And if you do encounter some rain, here’s a tip on how to spend a rainy day in amsterdam
(not without your Senz umbrella of course).

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