best burger in Amsterdam

De Biertuin Amsterdam

De Biertuin Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s main local newspaper ‘Het Parool’, recently tried and tested over 30 hamburgers in restaurants in Amsterdam. You would expect the best hamburger to be found in a specialized hamburger restaurant, but it was served in ‘De Biertuin‘ (the Beer Garden).
De Biertuin is a cafe/restaurant that has more thanĀ 40 beers on the menu, many of them authentic special beers from the Netherlands and Belgium and 13 of them are on tap. And they have a large terrace/garden (heated in winter) stuffed with long tables where you can sit-drink-eat. (That’s what the name comes from.) The hamburger they serve is one of the 6 dishes on the diner-menu. They also serve lunch, snacks, etc.
While being very popular already, the number 1 rated burger will make De Biertuin even more famous. So if you plan to visit, be prepared for a nice, crowded, party-like atmosphere.

How to get there:
Take tram 9 – the tram stop: ‘Eerste van Swindenstraat’ is very close to De Biertuin

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