public transport in Amsterdam is fast and cheap (with the right card)

tramIn every bus and tram in Amsterdam you can buy a one-way ticket. It costs € 2,60 and it is valuable for 1 hour. That isn’t cheap, so if you are planning to use the public transport frequently you can choose one of these tickets:
1 day   (24 hours)   €   7,50
2 days (48 hours)   € 12,00
3 days (72 hours)   € 16,50
4 days (96 hours)   € 21,00​
5 days (120 hours) € 26,00
6 days (144 hours) € 29,50
7 days (168 hours) € 32,00​

You can buy the tickets for 24 and 48 hours in every tram (24 hour tickets in buses too). The tickets from 3 days on you can buy at the GVB Tickets & Info office at the Amsterdam Central Station.

In case you are planning to visit a lot of museums and make use of public transport, an
I amsterdam City Card might be interesting for you. It offers free entrance to a lot of museums, free public transport, a free canal boat tour and a discount on selected restaurants and museums. Prices are:
24 hours € 47,-
48 hours € 57,-
72 hours € 67,-
You can buy the Iamsterdam City Card here.

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