best spa’s in Amsterdam

Spa Zuiver Amsterdam

Spa Zuiver Amsterdam

Visiting a spa as part of a city trip is getting more and more popular. And for a reason: while exploring the city it seems you are on your feet all the time – shopping, wandering museums, dancing. Relaxing in a spa or sauna can be nice for a change.

The main local paper ‘Het Parool’ recently tested the spa’s from the main hotels in Amsterdam. The Conservatorium Hotel, Okura Hotel, Hotel de l’Europe and Andaz Hotel came out best. If you take a beauty treatment or massage in these hotels you can use the spa for free.

Some other very nice spa’s in Amsterdam worth visiting are Sauna Deco beautifully decorated in Art Deco style and Spa Zuiver which has a paradise like large garden.

Always contact a spa or sauna beforehand to make an appointment.

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