blown away by the enchanting performance ‘Blaas’ in Amsterdam

blaas_0Yesterday I saw one of the best performances I have seen in a long time: Blaas. Blaas (in English: blow) was an international festival hit, winning many awards and now it is on show in Amsterdam.

It is hard to explain what Blaas is, everybody will have his own associations and emotions watching Blaas, or should I say: experiencing Blaas. And that’s what makes Blaas special, it’s different, it’s a fairy tail, a trip into yourself and into an unknown world.

I will not say more about the performance, it’s best when you get surprised by it. But I do strongly advice to go and see Blaas. It is scheduled one more week, until Sunday June 20st. And there still are tickets available!

Tickets: € 18,50 – € 22,-

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