best spa’s in Amsterdam

Spa Zuiver Amsterdam

Spa Zuiver Amsterdam

Visiting a spa as part of a city trip is getting more and more popular. And for a reason: while exploring the city it seems you are on your feet all the time – shopping, wandering museums, dancing. Relaxing in a spa or sauna can be nice for a change.

The main local paper ‘Het Parool’ recently tested the spa’s from the main hotels in Amsterdam. The Conservatorium Hotel, Okura Hotel, Hotel de l’Europe and Andaz Hotel came out best. If you take a beauty treatment or massage in these hotels you can use the spa for free.

Some other very nice spa’s in Amsterdam worth visiting are Sauna Deco beautifully decorated in Art Deco style and Spa Zuiver which has a paradise like large garden.

Always contact a spa or sauna beforehand to make an appointment.

exclusive hotel in a former shipyard crane

Crane 13 is the last crane that’s left on the former NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. It’s not in use anymore, but soon it will be though in a very different way. It will be an exclusive hotel, with 3 suites at 50 meters height and a jacuzzi on top. The suites will be constructed with mostly glass walls, which guarantees a great view. Because the crane will slowly turn in the wind, like it always did when not in use, the effect will be extra special.

At this moment the monumental crane has been deconstructed and taken away to be renovated and getting the suites build in. About November 2013 the crane will be replaced at the NDSM area and the hotel will open it’s doors and you will be able to stay (awake) in the shipyard crane. The first weeks are already fully booked.


dining on top of the urban farming world

PAG 1-gp0620-Zuidpark heeft grootste Urban Farming dak van Europa_Zuidpark (3)If you happen to be in Amsterdam on June the 28th; this is your chance to have an extraordinary dinner at Europe’s biggest rooftop urban farm: Zuidpark.

Buitengewoon in het land is an organisation that hosts open air dinners during summer at special locations in the Netherlands; usually at organic farms, estates, etc. The dinner at Zuidpark is the Amsterdam edition.
The food is prepared by top chefs, using local products. Top wines are being served with the 5 courses menu. The special location and the great company complete this great experience.

Be on time: only 100 seats available
Online reservations only
Tickets  98,- p/p all in (including food, wine, coffee/tea and a tour)

picknick in the park – or on a boat

Amsterdam citizens like to picknick. Whenever it is sunny wheather we take our baskets into the park, on to a boat, or to whatever sunny spot we can find; to have a good time.
And if the locals do it, it’s probably a good idea for tourists and visitors too. The problem of not having your own basket and a kitchen to prepare the picknick is solved easily: just order and pick up. Here are a few addresses where you can do that (don’t forget to order chilled wine/water):

Restaurant Christophe
‘Boat Box’ with 4 or 5 freshly prepared seasonal dishes
€ 30,- for 2-3 persons, € 60,- for 4-5 persons
Reservations only by phone: (+31)06 5025 7826, allow 24 hours
The website has many links to boat rental companies
(And although it is a boat box, you can of course take it to the park or any place you like)

The Picknick Company
From € 17,50  to € 25,- p/p
Reservations online, allow 24 hours
Last minute reservations (if possible): (+31)06 2423 9009
“Boat friendly’ pick up spot on a boat house

Restaurant Vertigo in the Vondelpark
From € 19,50 to € 25,- p/p
Reservations online
Problem: accepts only payments through iDeal
Maybe you can explain by phone  (+31)020-6123021 that without a Dutch bank account you cannot make use of iDeal
Great spot, in the middle of the Vondelpark

a 5 course diner in the field

Photo: Remko Siebelink

Picture a very long table, nicely covered for diner, somewhere in a field where normally only nature is present. Place it at a warm summer night. Feel the taste of good quality food in your mouth, delicately cooked with local products by a top chef. Add some fine wine and great company and you have the real ‘Outstanding in the field’-diner-feeling.

Only a few times every year you can take part in one of these very special diners.
The next ones close to Amsterdam are on May 17 and 18, 18:00 hours,
at Lindenhoff in Baambrugge, € 119,- p.p., reservations required.
(The website is in Dutch, but reservations are easy to make and the site shows beautiful pictures)

great pop up gallery in a burned down canal house

One of Amsterdam’s most famous canal houses burned down on New Years Eve 2008. Recently Gallery LaRaven opened its doors, in the ram shackled house which was only partly rebuilt. You can still smell the fire and see the blackened walls, but there are beautiful exhibitions as well. Several rooms are used, now with work of Mark Janicello and Katja Koevoet. It’s on Herengracht 132.