Amsterdam canals were build in less than 100 years

This beautiful animation from Stadsarchief Amsterdam shows how the canals of Amsterdam were build in just about 90 years.
They were not just some random 90 years though, it was the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. During the Dutch Golden Age the Netherlands were world leaders in trade, art, military and science. With Amsterdam being one of the main cities in the Netherlands , the city was rich and powerfull enough to acomplish a project like the canals in such a short time.

extraordinary exhibition in canal houses Amsterdam

Chambres des canaux, Amsterdam

Chambres des canaux, Amsterdam

‘Chambres des canaux: The tolerant home’ is the name of a new exhibition shown in 20 classic canal houses, and many of them are normally not open to the public. The theme of the exhibition is tolerance, a concept Amsterdam is famous for. For ages people from all corners of the world have been coming/fleeing to Amsterdam because of the freedom of speech, religion and choice that is so normal in our city.
The art works are all from world famous artists that have a strong connection with Amsterdam, a.o.:  Marlene Dumas, Joep van Lieshout, Germaine Kruip, David Claerbout, Ina van Zyl and Fiona Tan.

The exhibition will be only two weeks on show:  November 1 – 17, 2013
Tickets: at the Central Station or Leidseplein and online.

on a sidewalk in Amsterdam’s red light district…















This piece of art is called ‘The Breastplate’. It’s located at the Oudekerksplein, near the famous Oude Kerk (the old church), in the centre of Amsterdam’s red light district.

After doing some research I learned that The Breastplate was placed one night, without permission, by the ‘Unknown Sculptor’. Since 1982 the Unknown Sculptor seems to have placed several sculptures in Amsterdam. The City of Amsterdam has become their official owner, provided that the identity of the Unknown Sculptor will be kept a secret.

sup your way through Amsterdam


For sportive tourists there’s a new way to wander about the city: sup.
Sup = stand up paddling. Sup is trendy, good for your body and it let’s you get a great view on Amsterdam from the water. And that’s how Amsterdam looks best, from the water!

Sup tours through the city centre are for skilled sup-ers only. If you’re not, you can’t make a canal-tour, but taking a lesson at one of the sup centres can be fun too.

Sup is a great addition to the list of sportive sightseeing tours in Amsterdam:
the running tours and the skating tours.

Rates are about € 20,- per hour.
Check the website for details on tours and classes.

20 free things-to-do in Amsterdam

Hollandsche Manege photo:

Recently a list of 20 free things to do in Amsterdam was published by Lonely Planet.
I have seen many of these lists, usually they are not that interesting.
This one is different though, Lonely Planet made a great selection! They listed many unknown but very interesting activities, that are highly attractive and provide a taste of the real Amsterdam.
I’d say, try them all.

Great list!

an unexpected danger in Amsterdam


Photo: BNR

You probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but the famous Amsterdam canals are said to be a silent killer. In the last 3 years 51 people drowned in the canals. Only one of them had died as result of a crime. After some research it turned out that the canals are not the culprit, but alcohol is – especially for men. Drunk men tend to relief themselves not in one of the many urinals, but over the edge of a canal. Some of them accidentally fall in and drown. The police says they can recognize the alcohol victims, because they are found with their fly open.
Conclusion: canals aren’t that dangerous but some drunk people are – to themselves that is.

Amsterdam’s most beautiful street is ready for shopping again

It took a couple of years, but finally it’s open again. The Utrechtsestraat is one of Amsterdam’s best shopping streets. Mostly because there are no big chains: you’ll only encounter unique specialist stores. The street was closed for all traffic during more than two years, even for important Tram Line 4. But now with new rails, new sewage in the street, new bridges over the canals, you can stroll again over this wonderful street.

possibly the best apply pie on the planet

photo by Rik Panganiban

Winkel 43 serves the best apple pie (in Dutch called Appeltaart) in Amsterdam, possibly on the planet. They use real Dutch Rode Boskoop apples. The restaurant and the terrace can be crowded, because of that famous apple pie, but it is worthwhile waiting a little. Winkel 43 is located on Noordermarkt 43, the same square that houses a nice flee market on Monday morning and a farmers market on Saturday. Of course lunch is great at Winkel 43 and all their other stuff too, but we suggest strongly you take that apple pie, with or without whipped cream.

Did you ever taste a better apple pie, somewhere in Amsterdam?
Please let us know and leave a reply!