tailor made guide through Amsterdam

Image: Deli Amsterdam

Image: Deli Amsterdam


Deli Amsterdam is a new website that produces a tailor made guide trough Amsterdam, based on personal preferences. Just answer a few simple questions and your guide pops up.
I tried it a few times; the guide may not be as tailored as you expected, but it surely comes up with some great places to visit, including brand new hot spots.
Try it!

foodies heaven in Amsterdam: 3 festivals this May


Taste of Amsterdam

The first of the 3 Food Festivals this May in Amsterdam is the Food Film Festival, offering much more than just films about food. What about these workshops: learn how to make a mean Swedish smörrebröd with Rikard Andersson, cook a perfect egg with Michelin star chef Chris Naylor and hear from Ben Reade, the Nordic Food Lab’s culinary R&D man, why we could soon all be eating insects. In addition to that there are events, discussions, a food market, parties, and of course a restaurant.
Food Film Festival from May 9 to 11 2014, at the Westergasfabriek.

The following weekend Taste of Amsterdam in the Amstelpark is the place to be for the culinary foodies. It’s the most sophisticated (or shoold I say posh?) of the 3 festivals. If you like to try the signature dishes from Dutch top restaurants and top chefs, attend workshops and demonstrations, visit the fine food exhibition and the farmers market, or visit Boom Chicago’s Comic show about wine tasting: be there.
Taste of Amsterdam: May 15 to 18, 2014, at the Amstelpark, entrance € 9,50.

The final Festival is: Rollende Keukens. It’s like a huge pick-nick, with the advantage of not having to bring your own food. It has a bohemian feel and this one is great for kids too. Whatever you like, you can get it, from snacks and finger food to exquisite luxury food and everything in between, all for a reasonable prices so you can try several dishes. All food will be cooked in kitchens on wheels. They are an exhibition in itself, these mobile kitchens and food trucks.
Music and other entertainment is programmed all day and movies (about food) at night.
Rollende Keukens, from May 28 to June 1, 2014 at the Westergasfabriek, entrance: free.

best burger in Amsterdam

De Biertuin Amsterdam

De Biertuin Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s main local newspaper ‘Het Parool’, recently tried and tested over 30 hamburgers in restaurants in Amsterdam. You would expect the best hamburger to be found in a specialized hamburger restaurant, but it was served in ‘De Biertuin‘ (the Beer Garden).
De Biertuin is a cafe/restaurant that has more than 40 beers on the menu, many of them authentic special beers from the Netherlands and Belgium and 13 of them are on tap. And they have a large terrace/garden (heated in winter) stuffed with long tables where you can sit-drink-eat. (That’s what the name comes from.) The hamburger they serve is one of the 6 dishes on the diner-menu. They also serve lunch, snacks, etc.
While being very popular already, the number 1 rated burger will make De Biertuin even more famous. So if you plan to visit, be prepared for a nice, crowded, party-like atmosphere.

How to get there:
Take tram 9 – the tram stop: ‘Eerste van Swindenstraat’ is very close to De Biertuin

Ricardo’s in Odeon, a new authentic restaurant


Tomorrow the new restaurant Ricardo’s will open in Amsterdam. It will combine a very authentic chef with a very authentic location.

Chef Ricardo got his first Michelin star at the age of 21. Since then he has cooked at many top restaurants and developed his taste and cooking style to an even higher level. In Ricardo’s he will cook according to this personal style: rough and pure. The restaurant will not have a menu, the dishes are created during the day, inspired on the best fresh ingredients that are available at that very moment. Guests can have just a main course or choose to enjoy an all-nighter and have a 7-course menu (or anything in between, of course). Just dropping by for a glass of high quality wine or one of the beers brewed especially for Ricardo’s is a nice way to check out the new venue too. With the danger that you will end up staying all night, but there are worse things that could happen to you…

The very centrally located building, has been a hot spot for ages in Amsterdam. Most famous was the gay bar in the 1970’s where people like David Bowie, Freddy Mercurie, Jean Paul Gaultier and many other celebrities visited regularly. Long before that, from 1600 on, the building has been used as a brewery, a canal house, a theatre and a jazz club.

Yesterday I got the chance to enjoy a try out dinner at Ricardo’s. The dishes were very original and delicious. Ricardo takes the pure Dutch ingredients and changes these into creative tasteful dishes, making combinations I had never tried before; fennel with vinegar, onions cooked in five different ways, and the best pork I’ve ever had!
The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated, combining the arches that form the foundation of the building with a modern city feel; great atmosphere!

Ricardo’s in Odeon
Singel 460
1017 AW Amsterdam
Open: Wednesday – Sunday
Reservations: +31 20 – 521 8559 or online

floating dinner on Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht canal

Diner der componisten (photo from 2012)

Diner der componisten (photo from 2012)

If you like to have dinner at unique locations, the Diner der Componisten (Dinner of composers) is the place to go to this summer in Amsterdam. It’s located on the water of the Keizersgracht, one of the most famous canals of Amsterdam. Two 80 metres long tables will be placed on pontoons at the water of the canal. A three course dinner will be served and while enjoying the delicious food, music that’s been composed specially for the occasion will be performed. The dinner guests will be invited to participate in some of the music making.
Imagine the view, the sound, the taste. It will be a feast for the senses.

August 17 – 24, 2013, start: 18.30
Tickets: € 62,-
Reservations at the website
The Diner der Componisten programme is part of Grachtenfestival 2013.

deserted island dinner – near Amsterdam




Vuurtoreneiland (lighthouse island) is an uninhabited island near Amsterdam.
At this moment it’s a nature reserve and until recent only once a month a small number of people was allowed to visit.
This summer though a temporary restaurant has been built and it is possible to have a tour around the isle and fort, in combination with a 4 course diner, four days a week. Two renowned Amsterdam restaurants take care of the diner, with local and biological products.

The restaurant is build in the style of a greenhouse, with walls made of glass. This guarantees a spectacular view on the isle and its surroundings: the IJsselmeer (the large surrounding lake), Durgerdam (a small village along the dyke lining the lake) and IJburg (an artificial island build in the IJsselmeer as a new residential part of Amsterdam).
A ferry takes you from Amsterdam to the island. Before dinner you can take part in a tour, learning all about the island and its history. After that of course: dinner – with that spectacular view.

Vuurtoreneiland is on the Unesco World Heritage List.
Originally it was a fortification, built between 1809 and 1883 on a small island as part of the defence line surrounding Amsterdam (of which the island Pampus is a part as well). Later it became known because of its lighthouse.

Dinner and tour: from July till the end of September
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons
Sunday is the child friendly day, dinner is 3 courses instead of 4
Only by on line reservation
Don’t be late! The ferry can’t wait