hidden gem in Amsterdam


Yes, this in in the city of Amsterdam

Hidden in the Flevopark in the eastern part of Amsterdam, is the Distillery ‘t Nieuwe Diep. Unknown by tourists; but the average Amsterdam citizen has no idea of it’s existence either. And that’s a shame, because the distillery is located in a monumental former water pumping station, at an idillic location on a lake in a park and most important: the distillery produces authentic jenevers and liqueurs that are surely worth a try. What about Dutch Dynamite – a 20% liqueur with a licorice taste, must be Dutch! That’s just one of the many genevers and liqueurs they produce and sell in the distillery. For anyone interested: they do serve coffee, tea and soda’s too.

Spring and summer: Tuesday – Sunday 15:00 – 20:00 hours
Fall and winter: Tuesday – Sunday 15:00 – 18:00 hours

Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep
Flevopark 13, Amsterdam

exclusive hotel in a former shipyard crane

Crane 13 is the last crane that’s left on the former NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. It’s not in use anymore, but soon it will be though in a very different way. It will be an exclusive hotel, with 3 suites at 50 meters height and a jacuzzi on top. The suites will be constructed with mostly glass walls, which guarantees a great view. Because the crane will slowly turn in the wind, like it always did when not in use, the effect will be extra special.

At this moment the monumental crane has been deconstructed and taken away to be renovated and getting the suites build in. About November 2013 the crane will be replaced at the NDSM area and the hotel will open it’s doors and you will be able to stay (awake) in the shipyard crane. The first weeks are already fully booked.


deserted island dinner – near Amsterdam




Vuurtoreneiland (lighthouse island) is an uninhabited island near Amsterdam.
At this moment it’s a nature reserve and until recent only once a month a small number of people was allowed to visit.
This summer though a temporary restaurant has been built and it is possible to have a tour around the isle and fort, in combination with a 4 course diner, four days a week. Two renowned Amsterdam restaurants take care of the diner, with local and biological products.

The restaurant is build in the style of a greenhouse, with walls made of glass. This guarantees a spectacular view on the isle and its surroundings: the IJsselmeer (the large surrounding lake), Durgerdam (a small village along the dyke lining the lake) and IJburg (an artificial island build in the IJsselmeer as a new residential part of Amsterdam).
A ferry takes you from Amsterdam to the island. Before dinner you can take part in a tour, learning all about the island and its history. After that of course: dinner – with that spectacular view.

Vuurtoreneiland is on the Unesco World Heritage List.
Originally it was a fortification, built between 1809 and 1883 on a small island as part of the defence line surrounding Amsterdam (of which the island Pampus is a part as well). Later it became known because of its lighthouse.

Dinner and tour: from July till the end of September
Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons
Sunday is the child friendly day, dinner is 3 courses instead of 4
Only by on line reservation
Don’t be late! The ferry can’t wait

Amsterdam beach life

image panorama 2

Blijburg city beach Amsterdam

Blijburg is the largest and most beachlike city beach in Amsterdam. It has a sandy beach with a great view on the IJsselmeer lake. You can actually swim here, unlike many other city beaches in Amsterdam. It has a bohemian vibe, especially in the evening when the camp fire is lit. The beach bar and restaurant Blijburg is definitely worth a visit. They serve good food and often programme live music, DJ’s and other activities.

Amsterdam has other city beaches and of course the real beach at the coast: Zandvoort. This is traditionally the beach that most Amsterdam people go to, it takes only 25 minutes by train. It has endless sandy beaches and many trendy beach bars and restaurants. So if the weather is really sunny and you have the time, consider a day or just an evening at the coast.

Pampus: the Amsterdam Alcatraz

Pampus inside the fort

Pampus inside the fort

Pampus was never a jail, like Alcatraz. It’s a fort from the 19th century, located on an island just East of Amsterdam. The fort is part of a defense line, built in a circle around Amsterdam. It’s on the Unesco list of cultural heritage and when you visit it, you’ll understand why. It’s a labyrinth with an eerie atmosphere where your imagination starts working overtime; the Alcatraz feeling is all around…

During summer the fort can be visited in combination with a boat trip from Amsterdam.
That’s great, because:
– there is no other way to reach Pampus so easy
– the boat trip is an attraction in itself, with great views on the sky line of Amsterdam

The trip takes about 4 hours, of which you’ll spend 2,5 hours on Pampus
From May 1st to October 27th
Tuesday – Friday       11:00 am
Saturday & Sunday   11:00 am & 13:30 pm

Tickets can be bought at the boat or online
Rates including boat trip and visit to Pampus fort:
Adults: € 17,50
Children (4 – 11 years): € 13,50
Children < 4 years: free