yet undiscovered vintage shop just outside of Amsterdam

Vintage Brands 2

Monnickendam is a beautiful authentic village a little north of Amsterdam. It is known by tourists because of it’s beauty and it’s harbour. Recently nice shops have opened their doors, making a visit even more worthwhile.

In a former outbuilding of a primary school in Monnickendam you can find a great vintage store. Currently, sustainable business is trendy. This also fits the new shop: Vintage Brands owned by Babette Schellekens. It comes to women’s fashion brands in the higher segment; Humanoid, Repeat, Hale Bob, Moncler, Marccain, Burberry, Marlene Birger, Day, Diesel and even Gucci. And you also can go there for nice shoes, bags and scarves.

Vintage Brands
Noordeinde 22
Monnickendam (North of Amsterdam)
Opening hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 12.00-18.00 hours
Saturday 10.00-17.00 hours

Amsterdam canals were build in less than 100 years

This beautiful animation from Stadsarchief Amsterdam shows how the canals of Amsterdam were build in just about 90 years.
They were not just some random 90 years though, it was the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. During the Dutch Golden Age the Netherlands were world leaders in trade, art, military and science. With Amsterdam being one of the main cities in the Netherlands , the city was rich and powerfull enough to acomplish a project like the canals in such a short time.

back to the sixties in Amsterdam – photo’s by Ed van der Elsken

zie Wolfsburg-catalogus pag. 106

Photo: Ed van der Elsken – Oudezijds Achterburgwal, Amsterdam 1961

Ed van der Elsken is famous for his photo’s of people in the streets of Amsterdam in the 50’s and 60’s. He used to wander the streets all day long and photograph the daily life of the ‘ordinary’ people in Amsterdam. Nowadays his pictures give a lively and detailed impression of what life was like in those days.
Vintage prints and new material that has never been published before will be exhibited this summer in the Stadsarchief Amsterdam.
Dont miss it! This exhibition is a must do, even when you’re not a fan of photography.

Amsterdam! Ed van der Elsken, vintage photo’s 1947-1970
June 6 – September 14, 2014
Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Vijzelstraat 32
1017 HL Amsterdam
Tickets: € 6,-

the Guardian: Amsterdam City Archives in top-10 of best free museums in the world

StadsarchiefThe Guardian has named The Amsterdam City Archives as one of the 10 best museums in the world that are free of admission.

This is what the Guardian writes about the City Archives:
Amsterdam’s Stadsarchief (city archive), is housed in an imposing, though gritty-looking building, originally the headquarters of an investment bank. Inside, its tiled rooms are decorated with bold, jagged, graphics and patterns. The Treasures of Amsterdam exhibition is a collection of artefacts in the underground Treasury that help tell the story of the city – worth a good nose around while anxiously hoping the heavy vault doors stay open until you’re done., Tues-Fri- 10am–5pm, Sat-Sun noon–5pm

Amsterdam: the worlds most liberal city?

The worlds most liberal city – or the birthplace of the modern world – Russel Shorto, the author of Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City thinks that Amsterdam might be both.
Quote: His book weaves together the lives of Amsterdammers past and present, from Rembrandt to Anne Frank to Theo van Gogh, and teases apart the many meanings of “liberal.” Why did Amsterdam fashion the world’s first stock market? Why was it not only a hotbed of 1960s countercultural activity but also, after the Reformation, a hotbed of similar countercultural activity in the early 1500s? What is left of its liberal heritage today?

To get answers to these questions you could have visited Russel Shorto’s lecture at the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam, but unfortunately it’s sold out.

Just another reason to read the book and (most important) to visit Amsterdam; to find out for yourself how liberal Amsterdam really is and how you like that.

the 100 most beautifull Rembrandts in one museum

Rembrandt etching from: Teylers Museum

Rembrandt etching from: Teylers Museum

Rembrandt’s 100 best etchings and drawings are on display now in Teylers Museum in Haarlem. What’s special about this exhibition is that it was curated through crowd sourcing: on the museum’s website anyone could choose his favourite Rembrandt from the 326 etchings (almost all Rembrandt’s etchings) and 12 drawings that Teylers Museum owns. The result is a unique exhibition showing the favourite 100 Rembrandts.

The Teylers museum itself is very special too. It’s the first and oldest museum in the Netherlands, build in 1784. The museum still has the feel of the 18th century, exhibiting the newest machines for scientific experiments (of that time), newly excavated fossils, art and much more. All exhibited in the original historical display cases and shown by just daylight.

The exhibition and the museum are definitely worth a visit. The trip from Amsterdam to Haarlem takes just 15 minutes by train and from the train station it’s a 10 minutes walk to Teylers Museum through the historical city centre of Haarlem. After your visit to the museum (now that you are already there) you should take a walk along the canals and historical streets of Haarlem, that include a great shopping area and many nice café’s and restaurants as well.

Until January 19, 2014
Details and tickets Teylers Museum

Amsterdam’s oldest church restoration finished

DSCF3696oude_kerk_amsterdamDe Oude Kerk restoration has finally finished. It is Amsterdam oldest building, dating from the 13th century and certainly worth a visit. The church has a beautiful wooden roof and the floor is actually made of old tombstones (see here for a map). Rembrandt was married here and famous old Dutch admirals are buried here. The location is peculiar because the church is situated right in the middle of the Red Light district, not a typical area to worship. Opening hours are daily from 11 to 17, sunday 13 to 17. Check on the agenda because the church hosts ocassionally big events like World Press Photo.