tailor made guide through Amsterdam

Image: Deli Amsterdam

Image: Deli Amsterdam


Deli Amsterdam is a new website that produces a tailor made guide trough Amsterdam, based on personal preferences. Just answer a few simple questions and your guide pops up.
I tried it a few times; the guide may not be as tailored as you expected, but it surely comes up with some great places to visit, including brand new hot spots.
Try it!

mid summer festival at the waterfront of Amsterdam

Over het IJ Festival Photo: Esther Lagendijk

Over het IJ Festival Photo: Esther Lagendijk

A former shipping wharf (NDSM warf), surrounded by cranes, at the waterfront, with a view at the city centre of Amsterdam… The Over het IJ Festival location is just great!.

If not because of the location you could consider visiting the Over het IJ Festival because of the famous innovative location-theatre. You will find famous theatre groups as well as starting performers, the latest performing in shipping containers (or perhaps not inside, but on top of, under, in front of, or at whatever place near the container). The other performances take place in unusual locations too, for instance in a taxi.

Just catch the free ferry at the back of the Central Station and you’ll be at the festival grounds within 15 minutes.

Over het IJ Festival, July 4 – 14, 2013

NDSM warf Neveritaweg 61, Amsterdam

a Dutch treat


Usually a Dutch treat is not what you want. This English saying means: when you get a Dutch treat, you end up paying for yourself, while you were sure you were invited.

I don’t think the Dutch specialise in Dutch treats nowadays, but we do have some strange habits like: eating food from the wall.

As you can see in the picture, I’m talking about a vending machine. It’s usually outside of a snack bar, on the street. The machine is filled with a variety of fried food, like kroketten, frikadellen and meatballs, which are kept warm in it.

Just put the coins in the slot, open the little door of your choice and pick up your hot or fried snack. Fast Food can’t get it any faster, does it?
The vending machines are very popular at night, with people who need a snack after having a few drinks.

You should try it, for example at FEBO, and at the same time you getting a chance to taste a real Dutch kroket or frikadel. Who said the Dutch don’t have special food traditions?

some late night dining ideas in Amsterdam

Photo: Brasserie Bark

True, Amsterdam is not a metropolis like Paris, London or NYC. Exactly that might be what makes Amsterdam so attractive. You can easily walk from one hotspot to another; the theatres and cinemas, bars and clubs are all situated in (or near) the small city centre.  There’s so much to do and so little time! And so you can end up hungry long after dinner time. No problem, Amsterdam has many good restaurants that prepare you a great dinner at least until midnight. Some say the bigger the offering of late night restaurants, the more this city will become truly cosmopolitan…

So where to dine, after cinema, theatre, a concert or whatever you have been doing?

Lloyd Hotel, European kitchen in the restaurant of this quaint hotel, in Zeeburg.

Los Pilones, Mexican food, 3 restaurants all in the centre of the city, some say best tequila

De Knijp, in the Concertgebouw area, relevant for a late night supper after the concert

The Butcher, New Zealand Angus beef. Best burger in town according to Time Out. Albert Cuypstraat

Burger bar, several restaurants in center, open till 3 AM

Akbar Indian Restaurant, one of the first Indian restaurants in town, near Leidseplein

Bojo, Indonesian food near Leidseplein

Hotel de Goudfazant not a hotel, but a restaurant, great cuisine in trendy Amsterdam North

Brasserie Bark wide range of seafood and fruites de mer, Concertgebouw area

When you are finally ready to go home you can rely on the public transport, which is quite good in Amsterdam, also during night time. Of course you can take a taxi, or you can walk home. Like I said: almost everything is nearby in Amsterdam.