King’s Day – Queen’s Day, don’t book the wrong dates!

d2f9b4504d80c1394cbab32659b76644We used to have Queen’s day in the Netherlands – at April 30st.
Now we that we have a king, we have King’s Day – officially at April 27th.
But this year (2014) Kings Day is at April 26st because the 27th is a Sunday.
And then there’s Kings Night, the night before Kings Day, which is in Amsterdam a festive night with a special atmosphere, a must do – and this year on the 25th.

It’s a bit confusing indeed, but it comes down to this:

Kings Night: April 25 2014
Kings Day: April 26 2014
(Queens Day: no longer exists)

the queensday feeling is in the air in Amsterdam


Still 1 day to go, but when walking through the city center of Amsterdam, the Queensday- feeling is already everywhere. It’s a very special atmosphere!
There are many tourists in town, most of them came to attend this last Queensday and the crowning of our new King. They are flooding the streets and terraces, adding a special vibe to the city,

The Dam Square, where the official part of the day will take place, looks all set. The square is beautifully decorated, camera’s are sliding flawless along cables high above the square and tribunes for the press and other temporary constructions are set in place.

Tip: When visiting, be prepared and check the websites with all the inns and outs.

Queens-day 2013 – the inns and outs

Queensday AmsterdamEverything you want to know about Queens-day (our very last one!), Queens-night (the night before) and Kings-night (the night of the 30st): you can find it on this website.
It has tips on how to get to Amsterdam, the program outline, do’s and don’ts, etc. Check it out before you go, it’s gonna be the busiest day ever in Amsterdam – you’ll have more fun when prepared!

Tip: check the FAQ page, at the bottom of the page you’ll find the 6 designated locations where people can demonstrate against the monarchy.
Yes, this is Amsterdam!

It’s gonna be an very special Queen’s Day in Amsterdam this year

MAKKUM-KONINGINNEDAGQueen’s day (April 30) is always a big party in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. This year it’s going to be extra special, because:

  • Our Queen Beatrix is going to abdicate on this day
  • Her son and his wife, Willem Alexander and Maxima, will be crowned the new King and Queen (in Amsterdam of course)
  • It will be the last Queen’s Day as we know it, because we will have King’s Day in the future
  • The feast is for the last time on April 30; our new king has his birthday on April 27 and that will be the date for the future King’s Day

Since all of this is announced only yesterday, the plans are not yet ready. But surely it will be a day with 2 dominant sides: one part focused on official happenings with lots of international guests and on the other part with more festivities than ever.

Queens Day in Amsterdam

You can’t miss it, on Queens Day April 30, in Amsterdam everything is different. It’s a unique mixture of a carnival, festival, street party and free market all in one. On top of that most people are dressed in orange, everybody takes part, from babies to very old people and the whole happening lasts more than 24 hours. (It starts the night before: Queens night.)

Some tips:

  • If you need to travel to or in Amsterdam, use public transport and make sure to check the website (and be prepared for delays).
  • An alternative for the busy city centre go to the Vondelpark where the kids sell their toys and other stuff they don’t want any more. Or go to the Bredeweg in the eastern part of Amsterdam; also crowded but with a very sympathetic atmosphere
  • And the obvious one: to enjoy Queens Day you must not hate crowds.