an unexpected danger in Amsterdam


Photo: BNR

You probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but the famous Amsterdam canals are said to be a silent killer. In the last 3 years 51 people drowned in the canals. Only one of them had died as result of a crime. After some research it turned out that the canals are not the culprit, but alcohol is – especially for men. Drunk men tend to relief themselves not in one of the many urinals, but over the edge of a canal. Some of them accidentally fall in and drown. The police says they can recognize the alcohol victims, because they are found with their fly open.
Conclusion: canals aren’t that dangerous but some drunk people are – to themselves that is.

beware: canals could prove dangerous

Photo by Snowflaky

Our city is not more dangerous than any other, but there is one difference: each year appr. 15 people drown in a Amsterdam canal. Cause no.1 is alcohol, but sometimes people just fall in and drown because of the low temperature of the water. Most victims are tourists and younger men doing a pee at night. So if you would stroll alongside the beautiful canals…. not too close. Or sober.

troubleshooting: help for visitors

Photo by Frits de Beer

When planning a trip, you don’t want to think about things that can go wrong.
But it is good to know where you can find help when you get in trouble or become ill. Therefore here’s a list of important contacts in Amsterdam: